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Why are our price so affordable?

Operating our team from homes and whenever we have meetings, it will be done via zooms and Whatsapp calls. This adaptability allows us to work on our own time own target basis, unlike the old styles of reporting on time in offices. There's no point in my team staying in office if they are not doing to be productive, as we are going for a clean and green, we try our best to cut down on unnecessary cost. With so many online resources of having a meeting, our boss do not see the point in having an office. Due to covid19 it has affected businesses globally, most of them close down due to the rental and other cost of running, we don't want to be the next victim. It also enables us to save more on rental of office space and a store-front. Hence we are able to supply you the needs and wants a m price.

Adding on..

We have connections globally, working together with overseas firms which allow us to get resources at a better pricing. At the moment we are working with firms from countries such as, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, China and Mexico. We aim to work with more local firms and to build up our name locally.

If you are keen to do a collaboration, drop us a message at 9272 0799.